There are a lot of people that are interested in getting rid of old cars, but many people may not have any idea about how they can do this. The following information provides some of the best ways to let these vehicles go.

Junk Yards There are a lot of junk yards owners that are more than willing to take junk cars. Some of these places will actually give car owners money for their old vehicles. It will not be a lot, but this is the easiest way to get rid of the vehicle quickly. The best thing about all of this is that no advertising has to be done. This is no need for someone to wait to take interest in the vehicle. All that a car owner has to do is take it to the junk yard and drop it off.Bulletin BoardPeople that are just interested in selling the car locally will be able to post something in the bulletin board in their hometown. This is actually easier than posting online because the bulletin board reaches local buyers. Lots of people that see used cars online may not want to travel to a certain city to buy it. When people are living in the same city that the car is being sold they are more likely to consider purchasing the car. And if you’ve got a car with transmission problems you might even have to take it to a shop that can fix transmissions which can end up getting expensive quick.


The Craigslist website is the equivalent of an online bulletin board. The good thing about this is that there is a lot of word of mouth promotion that happens when this site is used. People that are posting a vehicle on Craigslist will have success because the site is very well-known. It is one of the premier sites for people that are trying to get rid of a car.


There are a lot of people that will simply give their cars away to friends or family members. This will often take some extra steps because the title and the tag of the vehicle will have to be transferred.

Some people like to give old cars away to family members that are in need of a vehicle. There are others that may decide to give their cars away simply because they no longer have use for these vehicles.

Companies That Buy Cars

There are some companies like cash for cars in San Diego that buy cars. The problem with this is that these companies do not have locations in every state. A person that is selling a car has to look online and find out which states offer these services. It is a longer process, but an owner of a old car can can get more money this way.